Start Mining Litcoin

Are you looking for a stable passive income? Are you looking for a reliable LTC mining pool?
GUD.CASH aims to provide the users with the easiest possible way. All you need to do is enter your Litcoin address and start mining to earn LTC for free.
Premium V3.1
Earning Rate

1.0000000000 Ł

Choose Premium Mining Plan

Your mining rigs are already set up and reading to run. Choose your mining plan to earn even more.

x1.2 Basic V1.1

0.00000139 Ł per minute

0.0020 Ł per Day

4% Daily

30 Days Plan
x1.5 Standard V2.1

0.00000347 Ł per minute

0.0050 Ł per Day

5% Daily

30 Days Plan
x1.8 Standard V2.2

0.00000833 Ł per minute

0.0120 Ł per Day

6% Daily

30 Days Plan
x2.1 Standard V2.3

0.00002431 Ł per minute

0.0350 Ł per Day

7% Daily

30 Days Plan
x2.4 Premium V3.1

0.00005556 Ł per minute

0.0800 Ł per Day

8% Daily

30 Days Plan
x2.7 Premium V3.2

0.00031250 Ł per minute

0.4500 Ł per Day

9% Daily

30 Days Plan
x3 Premium V3.3

0.00069444 Ł per minute

1.0000 Ł per Day

10% Daily

30 Days Plan
x3.6 Premium V3.4

0.00166667 Ł per minute

2.4000 Ł per Day

12% Daily

30 Days Plan